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Architecture and design

Construction engineering

Bim management

We represent and defend the client’s economic, personal and commercial interests. Our experience and proven results back our own methodologies and protocols for rigorous cost control. Our technical expertise allows us to be an integrating platform for consensus and coordination among all of the Project’s involved players, as we take total control of the back-and-forth, turning it into an enriching and fascinating experience.

We offer a comprehensive technical consulting service with high added value. We listen to your initial concerns to accompany you from the first moment, soon becoming part of your trusted team. Together we will examine the substance and form, and the best way to successfully reach your goals, providing you with the best professionals and collaborators. And always from an economic, social and environmental point of view, including sustainable solutions with the highest possible rate of energy efficiency.

Finding solutions to complex technical and environmental challenges is what we currently offer within the framework of Architecture and Construction. Our experience, financial responsibility and a constant curiosity push us to create synergies with highly trusted collaborating specialists and offer you an exciting network of services. Our continued academic training, knowledge and collaborative work within our network are all available for your Project. 

The decisive moment has arrived. Our presence continues in project execution as Technical Managers. We have over a decade of uninterrupted unionisation and mutuality under our belt, freely practising the profession in hotel, service-sector and housing projects. We take on the responsibilities surrounding execution, safety and quality, offering coherent continuity to the previously established fundamentals of the Project. We offer all types of professional services in-line with our principals.

IBG Construction Technologies is the result of the merger between NorthBIM and Fraile Project to offer the Building Information Modeling services as an innovative system in project management through a single three-dimensional model. We model your project in the three disciplines of structure, architecture and facilities, identifying areas of conflict, studying alternatives and generating precise measurements. BIM provides quality to your project by minimizing uncertainties, optimizing deadlines and reducing costs.